Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase any hardware or software to use Profitise?

Profitise is a hosted application which means that there is no hardware or software to purchase. We will take care of that. This makes the system extremely cost effective.

How do I know if Profitise is right for my business?

Profitise has been designed based on years of experience. However, we also believe that the best way to show how the system could benefit your business is to allow customers to try the system for themselves. Profitise offer you an unconditional 30 day trial. You can upgrade at any point during the trial process to ensure that your account remains active.

What support will I receive if I have a problem?

Our success is largely dependant on yours. Our systems are built on a highly resilient platform to ensure that the system continues to be available without interuption. If however, you experience any issues or simply need some help with a feature an experienced team of staff is on hand to help you resolve your issue.