Stock Management

Whether you sell on just one channel or many stock management is going to be vital to the success of your business. Profitise does all sorts of minute inventory management jobs with precision. The system incudes a range of powerful tools to help you:.

  • Prevent overselling
  • Ensure that stock is kept up to date across all channels at regular intervals
  • Alerts when stock of fast selling items reaches critical levels

... and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is about more than just managing your customer’s orders. We’ve incorporated a number of features to help you effectively manage your customers:

  • Intelligently identify customers across multiple platforms and consolidate all transactions into a single customer view.
  • Create & monitor tasks to help you provide high levels of service

Order Management

Customers will love you for shipping their orders quickly. You’ll love us for helping you do just that. It is vital that your business is able to manage and process orders efficiently. Whether you are shipping a complete order or just part of it, the system ensures that you will never overship items. Having a complete view of an entire shipment allows you to quickly handle queries and ensures that your customers get the highest levels of service.

  • View and manage orders placed on all channels in one place.
  • Quickly update order information. 
  • Easily ship just one item or an entire order

Fulfilment & Logistics

We know you want to manage your fulfilment and logistics efficiently. We’re working hard to complete our integration with a number of couriers to enable you to seamlessly create & manage your shipments.

Integrated Accounting - Coming Soon

Whether you’re processing just a few orders a day or hundreds; it’s important to have a detailed insight into the financial position of your company. We’re not planning to reinvent the wheel. Profitise will automatically send sales and purchase order information directly into your accounting package at regular intervals.

Powerful Reporting

Profitise incoroporates a range of powerful reports putting vital information at your fingertips for example: identify products that are selling well on one channel but not another.